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To some he is already a legend, to others he is the ultimate hero, one thing is certain, Sylvester Stallone is now a Hollywood icon. Multi-faced and multi-talented, Stallone is a sensitive painter, devoted  father and a man who obviously hasn’t let success blind him from the rest of the world and all its problems.Though his physical presence is just as powerful off screen as it is on, it’s the intensity of his intellect and eloquence of thought that throws the hardest punches. Behind the face that many doubted would succeed on the silver screen, lies an astute and deeply analytical mind.

He's a star because of Rocky, the screenplay he peddled to Hollywood studios while living in a one-room apartment on next to nothing a week. Director Norman Jewison said"The phenomenon of Stallone   is that people really identify very directly with him. People are a little reluctant to approach some other stars. But not Stallone, who they see as Rocky. He's a part of them".